Megaregions in the USA

Megaregions are the most important economic driver in the United States.  Yet most Americans are completely unaware of the economics of these factors.  


With some of the largest ports in the nation, the economy of Southern California is closely tied to the logistics and goods movement industry. This region is taking aggressive action to build infrastructure that enhances its role as a global gateway while providing opportunities for its fast growing native-born and immigrant populations. 

Principal Cities: Los Angeles, San Diego, Anaheim, Long Beach, Las Vegas
Population 2010: 24,361,642
Percent of U.S. Population: 8%
Population 2025: 29,010,560
Population 2050: 39,381,675
Projected Growth (2010 - 2050): 61.7% (15,020,033)
2005 GDP: $1,036,000,000,000
Percent of US GDP: 7%