How Entrepreneurs create Happiness in just 3 Steps.

Are you happy?  But are you really Happy!!!?   We know being a rockstar tech entrepreneur and hard working startup guru is not easy.  It takes brains, strong conviction, and a lot of hard work daily.  But if you spend enough time with these business hackers you will start to observe a similar quality.  They are unusually happy.  Yes most successful entrepreneurs are really genuinely happy.   This is the quality trait that VC’s and corporations are able to identify easily when meeting the next unicorn billionaire in a tee shirt.  

Happiness is a real thing and some people just seem to be a lot better at generating happiness than others.   Here is the secret to business bliss and a quick way to generate a winning happiness in your business life.  

Step 1. Money does buy happiness.   
No matter what everyone tells you money does indeed have the absolute top correlation to happiness for business entrepreneurs.  They love making money and get excited about the idea of making money.  Making a sale and earning cash is the biggest adrenaline rush in the world to an entrepreneur.   No sale is too big or too small as long as each day they are selling and winning and making progress.  Making that sale provides a euphoria of happiness in the mind and body.   So the easiest way to feel happy for an entrepreneur is to make a sale.   Making a sale is like crack cocaine to an entrepreneur.  They love this stuff and cannot get enough of selling everyday.   

TIP #1:  Start the day making a sale.  Get up early at 6 am and work for the first few hours to make your first sale before 9 am.  Get that first sale completed and you will be happy for the rest of the day no matter what happens next. 

Step 2. Make Decisions and Take Action.  
Having control over decision making can drive personal satisfaction.  That is why the corporate consultants kept teaching everyone about empowering your people to make decisions and have autonomy and freedom.   Knowing that you have made a final decision provides satisfaction and reduces anxiety.  It also makes people feel good and elevates confidence.  

TIP #2:   Make a decision and take action in your business.  Never procrastinate or waste your own time and energy on incomplete projects.   Decide and move forward.  It is easier to try something and fail than it is to never try and watch someone else make money while you sat on the sidelines.   

Step 3.   Positive minded social engagement and sharing success.  
People are naturally social and collaborative and enjoy the company of others.  This is basic life and why we create families and join churches and play sports.  People are meant to feel love and appreciation and touch others and talk to others.   So a smart entrepreneur never isolates themselves and always looks for ways to engage in conversations and share positive experiences.   The best interactions might be something small that means a lot to another person.  Being thoughtful about your words and deeds will encourage everyone around you to be better all day and share in the teams success.

TIP #3:  Positive words and helpful deeds make people feel good.   Engage in a conversation about success and be grateful for all the gifts that your team brings to the business everyday.  


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That’s it folks.   It really is that simple and you can start right now.    
Have a wonderful day and be grateful and full of life’s joy.  God wants you to be free.