New 2017 Mercedes-Maybach S650 Cabriolet is Beautiful

Behold the grand unveil of the 2017 Mercedes-Maybach S650 Cabriolet, a week ahead of its debut at the Los Angeles motor show. Like most of the top end cars, this one too comes in a limited edition of 300 units and is expected to set auto- enthusiasts back by a whopping $427,451.


Advertised as “the ultimate in open-air exclusivity”, the Maybach S650 features high-end exterior and interior appointments along with a twin-turbocharged 6.0-litre V12 engine under the bonnet, much like the AMG S65. Further, it produces an enormous 463kW of power and 1000Nm of torque. Speaking of aesthetics, the luxury car incorporates a new front bumper, Maybach badging, 20-inch Maybach forged alloy wheels in ‘bi-chromatic’ finish along with puddle lamps and the flashing Maybach logo that comes to life as soon as you open the doors.

Additionally, the interiors boast of a full-leather trimmed look with diamond quilting in the seat side bolsters. However, only three color options will be available in the U.S namely – the Zircon Red with a porcelain and black interior and a black top, Cote d’Azur Blue with a porcelain and saddle interior and a beige top, and Designo Diamond White with a porcelain and Yacht Blue interior with a dark blue top. Unsurprisingly, the Maybach logo also adorns the front side of the seats, the back of the head restraints while also finding its way in the cover of the center console. Other features include the Aircap wind deflector, Airscarf neck-level heaters, and Swarovski crystal headlights.

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Those who manage to gather enough stash to eventually buy the Maybach S650 will also receive an exclusive Maybach luggage set, diamond-quilted fabric car covers with an embroidered Maybach logo, along with a nappa leather keyring that matches the vehicle’s interior color. Interested folks should que up at the nearest dealer’s soon enough. After all, 300 units of this beauty will only last a short span!

30 Days to move for your new job

Next time you pack up your worldly possessions and embark on a new adventure, rely on this blueprint to get you through.

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It’s not easy to find a job in this crummy economy. So when the olive branch is extended and that perfect (or not so perfect) job is offered, we launch from our lilypad and bite – even if it means moving across the country, out of the country, or (gulp) back to your hometown in the next month or two.

Here is a tried-and-true plan to help you pack up your worldly possessions and embark on your new adventure:

First 24 hours after the getting job offer
Relax and enjoy your home. Your finger may start twitching to research your new city or start a planning Excel spreadsheet, but there will be time for packing, taping, and stressing later. Spend your first blissful 24 hours calling and seeing your friends and family and preparing for your new job.

The day after you accept the offer
Decide your moving style. If you stayed on a friend’s couch during your last vacation, chances are you’re planning on moving yourself, offering pizza and beer to all who help. If you’re not that type of person, can you afford to hire movers? Look for online price quotes from local movers and check on U-Haul and Budget Truck rentals to make a spending plan.

And if you can afford it, hire a mover over asking a friend. The process goes a lot smoother when you aren’t waiting around for your friend to finish his lunch before helping with the couch.

Take pictures of your current house as-is. Maybe you want a reminder of the fun times of the past… or maybe you want a reminder of why the heck you’re leaving. Either way, now is a great time to snap some photos of “how things were.”

Hit up the liquor store. You’ll need a new bottle of rum for all the stress that – no, no! Just kidding! Liquor stores (in my case, ABC) have been the No. 1 source for free, sturdy and perfectly-sized moving boxes for the last 10 years of my moving life. Depending on the state you’re in, call around to a few stores and find out when they get their deliveries. Then show up and fill your car (or a few cars) with free (empty) boxes.

One month out
Make a “Vital Papers” Box. Dream job or not, chances are when you show up you’ll want to be paid, and it’s a pain in the butt to go hunting through a moving truck for identification or blank checks for your direct deposit paycheck. Solve that headache now by assigning a bright-colored box to hold your vital documents and then keeping a close eye on it through the move.

Here are a few big-ticket items to get you started:

3-5 years of filed taxes
Checks and banking records
Voter Registration card
Social Security card
Birth certificate
Old lease
New lease
List of cell phone numbers
Extra phone charger
Pack a cleaning and painting box. If, like most sane people, you want your security deposit back, plan to clean and paint before you leave your place for good. Set aside a box of paper towels, towels, cleaning supplies, brooms and painting gear in a useful place (kitchen or laundry room) so you can be sure you won’t have a Now where did I put that… moment 24 hours before your lease ends and all your belongings are at the new house.

Clear away a staging area. Set up a special place reserved for boxes that are completely packed and labeled. This will allow you to quickly assess how far along you are in your move as you pack and then again as you carry boxes out.

Sell, sell, sell! On Craigslist, that is! Or Freecycle. Or in the paper. Or at a yardsale. Or to friends…. you get the idea. You never know what your “crap” is worth to someone else until you post it. Just be sure to follow basic safety rules when dealing with online folks and do your best not to spend that cash on video games.

Donate your crap. Even if you have to talk your boyfriend through giving up his two sets of Beavis & Butthead playing cards that have been under the bed for eight months, this is a move you’ll be happy you made. Be gentle. Refer to awesome blogs about minimalism and living simply, including the financial benefits of decluttering. Collect moments, not things.

Two weeks out
Set up some ground rules. If you’re fortunate enough to have a partner in crime who’s up for the divvying of chores, be sure to communicate who will be doing what around the house. Perhaps you like an even 50-50 split of cleaning and lifting boxes. Perhaps one person does the manual labor of lifting, moving and unloading boxes while the other plans logistics, packs boxes, and cleans. Doesn’t matter what you choose, so as long as it works for both of you.

Plan for your pet. Read up on how to move your pet. If you have a chill dog or cat, you might not need to worry as much. But some animals can be very needy, especially if they have never moved before. Most moving websites agree you should sequester your pet with all their favorite toys during the move, and then relocate the pet to the new home and keep them sequestered until they calm down. All pets will experience some kind of stress, but lots of hugs and play time will reassure your animal you won’t be donating her anytime soon.

One week out
Get it on paper. One week out, confirm everything about your move: the new apartment, the old house, the movers, the packers, the whatevers. Write down what each of you will be doing at one-hour increments the whole day, and what you expect to have done by the end of the day. Nothing beats setting an early alarm and finding out (two or three hours later) that the agreed-upon moving time is in the afternoon (and best of luck if it’s a weekend and your moving company doesn’t have normal office hours!).

Plan your meals. Unless you want the “surprise” budget bumps of no breakfast ($0 but OW!), Snacks ($12), BBQ for lunch ($25) and Kabobs for dinner ($20), plan your meals on moving day! Nothing is worse than not having access to your food supplies and over-spending at restaurants in town. Not to mention how tired and needy some people can get when hungry after a move (ahem).

Moving day
Eat. Moving day is one of the worst days to be on a diet or skip a meal. All your stuff is leaving your house, including you, and you’re grumpy and hungry. Check your meal plan and fill your belly so you won’t be tempted to speak unkindly.

Relax. Everything will work out, or it won’t. That doesn’t have to change how you act, what you say or who you are – or the fact that you are now employed!

Take a few breaths and hope for the best worst-case scenario, and you’ll have a great story for your first day on the job.

8 Best Website Resources to Grow Your Small Business

8 Best Website Resources to Grow Your Small Business

Technology now gives your small business access to a world economy and new markets far beyond your doorstep. Unfortunately, the same holds true for your competitors, who want nothing more than to steal your customers, and will use every resource available to do so. Given the large number of small businesses that will be out of business before their fifth anniversary, you want to arm your business with every advantage you can — right from the start. While there are many helpful resources out there for small businesses, the internet offers some of the best. Here are my pick of the eight best website resources to grow your small business.

Founded in 2003, Small Business Trends is an award-winning online publication for small business owners, entrepreneurs and the people who interact with them. It is one of the most popular independent small business publications on the web.
You’re The Boss Blog, New York Times offers an insider’s perspective on small business ownership. It gives business owners a place where they can compare notes, ask questions, get advice and learn from one another’s mistakes. By the way, I write for this publication as a regular contributor on social media and small business, but I read this blog long before I started writing for it.
Huffington Post Small Business America includes blogs, news, and community conversations about small business in America. A great example of the quality content on this site is the article by Faisal Hoque, “Growing a Small Business With 5 Essential Principles“
Business on Main is an online destination for small-business leaders and entrepreneurs who are looking for information to take their companies to the next level. I especially like their engaging original videos, featuring business stories that will inform and inspire you on the path to success
Inc. is a great magazine and an even better website. They say they offer everything you need to start and grow your small business now.
Entrepreneur Magazine provides business ideas and trends on start-up, finance, marketing and franchising tools and tips and they have a great website too. You can also read about the latest news, expert advice and growth strategies for small business owners.
The Self Employed is a website created by Steve Strauss, small business columnist for USA Today and bestselling author of The Small Business Bible. It provides lots of great advice for solopreneurs in particular, on start-up, finding clients, insurance and tax issues.
SCORE is a nonprofit organization that provides expert business counseling to small business owners. SCORE’s website provides online counseling, and offers great e-mail newsletters. What I like best about their newsletter program is, it allows you to select which level of information that you want. From operations to financing and expansion plans, SCORE has a vast database of experts to assist your small business.