Tom Marchesello is a Fintech & Cryptobanking leader with over 20 years of technology & financial investment operations management experience.  He is technically sophisticated as a former US Air Force Officer in Space Command and then a High Tech management career at Sony, Morgan Stanley, Reuters, & other Finance & Tech Firms. 


Honesty, Integrity, Leadership.




Tom Marchesello

Summary Bio
Currency Fund Management

Investment Portfolio Management

Fintech Innovation & Leadership

Internet Technology Development

Robotics & AI

Marketing & Sales Operations & New Product Distribution

Tom is an experienced Business Professional with 20 years in top organizations.

Product Innovation & Launch

Retail & Wholesale Channel Distribution

Product Pricing & Merchandising

Omni-Channel Retail Management

Contract Negotiation

Investor Relations


Skills & Resources

Currency Investments

Portfolio Management


Technology Operations


Blockchain Technology

Cryptocurrency & Cryptoeconomics


Marketing & Sales

Business Development