Investor Relations & Economic Development

The experienced team at the United States Fund identifies leading technology & consumer product trends then implements  strategies for investors to participate in business value creation & economic growth.  Corporate executives of finance, real estate, automotive, electronics, & energy industries work with the United States Fund to craft a positive message and deliver the consistent public communication to investors and analysts.  The goal is to showcase the financial benefits associated with the next generation opportunity & to build long term trusted relationships.  The team at the United States Fund can provide guidance in relating the company's overall posture directly to the share holders or the investors and serves as a bridge for providing market intelligence to private & institutional investors from internal corporate management or public marketplace information.

Fintech deals related to currency, digital currencies, cryptosecurity, & blockchain are the most promising areas of innovation and investment opportunity.  Fintech Investor Relations is a management responsibility that integrates finance, communication, marketing and securities law compliance to enable the most effective two-way communication between a company, the financial community, and other constituencies, which ultimately contributes to a company's coins or securities achieving fair valuation. The IR department or advisor of a company often works directly for the CEO, Board of Directors, or CFO and is devoted to handling financial communications inquiries from shareholders and investors, as well as others who might be interested in a company's offerings, or stock or financial stability. The IR officers (IROs), may oversee many aspects of shareholder meetings, press conferences, private meetings with investors, (known as "one-on-one" briefings), investor relations sections of company websites, and company annual reports. The investor relations function also often includes the transmission of information relating to intangible values such as the company's policy on corporate governance or corporate social responsibility. This means that as well as being able to understand and communicate the company's financial strategy, they are also able to communicate the broader strategic direction of the corporation and ensure that the image of the corporation is maintained in a cohesive fashion.

Fintech Project Request

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency advisory services are available to assist your team with Currency & Coin placements. Please contact us and describe your project so that we may respond with our level of interest.   Please be clear about how your project creates intrinsic value and benefits the investors in the coin or token. We prioritize projects that allow American participation and have American ownership as our sovereign promise to American Citizens First.   Thank-you.  

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