The United States Fund provides direct access to the best Currency Assets, Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain Fintech, eCommerce Technology, & Real Estate assets with the top teams.  We offer investor relations and economic development for corporations & institutional grade financial professionals to get actionable solutions.  We preserve the sovereign promise to American Citizens to participate as equals using modern Fintech tools to increase access & transparency. 

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Trendspotter & Investor Strategy for selected industries.  Fintech, real estate, energy, logistics, ecommerce, & consumer products.   Identify market opportunities and buy and sell decisions.



Top corporations, real estate, Currency, and Cryptocurrency. Assets are available to buy & sell direct.  Listings are hand picked by our team.  Projects vary in quality & duration.  



Investor Relations & Economic Development. Making the best business decisions for a rapidly changing marketplace.  Engage the Currency opportunity.

The United States Fund is an active investor relations & economic development group dedicated to providing American business owners and families with access to the wealth building tools and technology on equal basis as institutional organizations but at relative scale.  We do the core work to identify trends and implement actionable paths to participation that are institutional grade quality and yet accessible to everyday people.   We are original participants in the Fintech community of Currency, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Mobile Banking, Internet eCommerce, and Digital Media.   We use the experience and access to provide a dealmaking environment that is fair and balanced for American Citizens.  

  • Currency
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Blockchain
  • Oversight of ICO's & SAFT Process
  • Financial Exchange
  • Real Estate
  • Gold & Diamonds
  • Automotive
  • Energy
  • Infrastructure